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TalkType 1.0 - How to Add a Custom Short-cut

Teach TalkType short-cuts to enhance your productivity

You can teach TalkType shortcuts. This means when you say a phrase or keyword, TalkType will type an alternative pre-programmed, word or phrase. 


For Example:

Dictate 'add signature' >> TalkType will type 'Profession John Smith MbChB'.


How to add a Custom Short-cut

> Open TalkType and click on 'Settings' 


> Click on 'Processing' 


> Click on 'edit shortcut list' 


> On the left-hand column enter the words you wish to speak, and on the right enter the words you'd like to TalkType to type. 


> Click 'OK'. 

Note: you will need to restart TalkType for the changes to take effect. 

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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