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TalkType 2.0 - Dictate Notes

How to use the "Dictate Notes" within the TalkType 2.0 software.

TalkType is designed to allow you to quickly dictate directly into the programmes you love. If you can type into an application, then TalkType can dictate into it by using the "Auto Dictate" feature. Alternatively, you can also dictate notes directly within the TalkType application using the "Dictate Notes" feature, which is what we'll be covering in this article.  


Step 1: Opening TalkType

To open TalkType click on the icon within your applications folder, or within the launchpad on your Mac computer. 



The TalkType window should then appear and open straight into the "Dictate Notes" feature. 



Start Dictating

To start dictating your notes, you can click the Microphone icon either in the centre or bottom right of the window. 


When you start dictating, you'll notice the display bar at the bottom will read 'I'm Listening' and the microphone icon in the bottom left will turn green. Now, anything you say will be dictated into the app.


To stop dictating, just press the Microphone icon in the bottom left. 

You can now edit or change the format of the text that has been dictated. You can also use the undo tool to reverse any changes that you've made. You can copy the whole text by selecting the "Copy" icon in the bottom right, or you can select and right-click the part of the text you want and select "Copy" (or you use the shortcut ⌘+C). You can then paste that text anywhere (Right-click > "Paste", or shortcut ⌘+V)

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