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TalkType 1.0 - Using command mode

How to control your computer using your voice.

Below is a guide to how to control your computer using your voice.

The Command Button

On your dashboard, the command button can be found on the right, as highlighted below. 


You can turn on command mode in three different ways: 


1) Click the command button. 

2) When in dictation mode, say the words 'command mode'

3) Press the hotkeys - Option Shift C


When command mode is on you will see the command button turn green as below. 


The Command List

The commands TalkType will understand can be found under the commands list in the application, access to the commands list can be found as highlighted below. 


Issuing a Command


To issue a voice command ensure the 'Command Button' is green, then clearly speak a command as listed in the 'Command List'. 


You will see the command being detected and processed by TalkType. 


Note: Sometimes the words you say will not be recognised exactly by TalkType however, TalkType should apply what has been detected to the nearest relevant command is the 'Command List'

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