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TalkType 2.0 - Custom Words Explained

If you are wondering what TalkType's custom words feature is and want to learn how to add custom words then this article is for you!

What are custom words? 

The custom words feature enables you to add a bespoke word or phrase that doesn't feature within the existing library. TalkType has a varied and wide ranging library of words that stretch across different specialties such as Law and Medicine. However, there might be certain words you use often which are particular to you and your work, or are especially unique. This is where TalkType’s custom words feature comes in!

How do you add a custom word? 

  1. Open up the TalkType app either through your launchpad or on your docking station.
  2. Click ‘TalkType’ in the top left-hand of your screen and then on the dropdown menu click ‘preferences’.

3. Then open ‘Text Processing’ and click the ‘edit’ button next to ‘custom words’.

4. Click ‘Add new custom word’, type in your word, and then click the green ‘okay’ button. 

5. You will then need to close and restart TalkType before the app will recognise your new custom words

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