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TalkType 2.0 - Voice Commands Explained

If you are wondering what commands are in TalkType and want to learn how to use them then this is the article for you!

What is a command?

A command is a TalkType feature that enables you to control your computer using your voice. You can open applications, close tabs, edit text, make formatting changes and much much more.

How do I use a command? 

Commands can be used in both 'Dictate Notes' and 'Auto Dictate'. Once the microphone is on, you simply say "TalkType" which puts you into command mode, followed by the specific command you want to issue e.g. "Open Safari” and hey presto, Safari is open and ready for you to use!

Where can I find the list of commands? 

  1. Click the icon in the top right corner of the app to open up the Command Centre.

       2. Click the 'discover more commands' button.

       3. Click on the different app icons and explore!

What is the difference between app-specific commands and 'Global Mac Commands'? 

When you click on an application icon in the command centre (such as Microsoft PowerPoint) you will see a list of commands that work specifically for Microsoft PowerPoint. The same goes for all of the other applications. In contrast, the ‘Global Mac Commands’ are commands that work across every application.

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