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Do I need a headset for TalkType? If so, which headset would be best?

You don’t need a headset for TalkType, using the built-in mic can provide quality, accurate sound. However, a headset can help reduce background noise.

If you do decide to opt to purchase a headset, here are our recommendations… 

  • Wired headsets are usually the best in terms of accuracy because wireless headsets can sometimes drop out 
  • A USBC wired headset would be best because newer Macs only come with USBC inputs (not USB)
    • You can still use USB headsets but you will require a USB to USBC dongle which is an added cost

Regular Market headsets: 

  • Plantronics Blackwire 5220 USB-C PC Headset With 3.5mm Or any Plantronics USBC headset mics

DSA Market headsets:

  • Andrea NC181 USB C (mono)
  • Andrea NC185 USB C (stereo)

Do I get a headset automatically with the DSA? 

You won't get a headset automatically with the DSA but your assessor may have put one on your needs assessment report. Have you already received your equipment? If so, have a look at your equipment list if there is a headset on there you will need to go back to the reseller. 

If you haven't received your equipment list yet it will depend on whether a headset is recommended to you. 

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]

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